Infographic: E-file Security and Safety Concerns: A Growing Threat


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Cyber data breaches are on the rise for both personal and business information. Securing data for normal business and consumer activities, from retail shopping to filing tax forms online, is part of a growing concern. In terms of tax identity theft, the IRS is stepping up its efforts to fight identity theft. presents the facts and figures, along with steps you can take to keep recipients’ personal data safe.

This infographic does a great job of utilizing data visualization and iconography to ensure no text stands alone. Nearly every statistic is accompanied by a graph, quantagram, map, or icon. This helps guide viewers to the next set of information and keeps them from getting bored or lost.

The quantagram for “who’s at risk” could be tweaked a bit for accuracy, though — judging by the icon for “<19" it looks like 1 person represents 6% — but that would mean that there should be nearly 10 full icons for ages 20-49 and 6 icons for 50+. Instead it looks like they rounded up to the nearest double-digit number, using each person icon as 10 people. It's important to be accurate and consistent with your data visualization and pick a scale that makes sense — maybe 1 person icon would equal 5 or 10 people, and some categories would have partial people to represent accurate percentages. In all I'd give this infographic an A-! It's styled appropriately for the audience (B2B), organized well, and informative; it's just best to use data visualization that can be the most accurate.

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