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Uscreen submitted this infographic to us.

The central image definitely speaks to the theme, and the rest of the data is organized on a timeline. That gets a little confusing when there are several bullet points on the spectrum from 2014 to 2016, but it’s unclear if the stats are all supposed to be based in 2014 or if some might be 2015. The timeline layout works if the stats are taking place at different intervals, but is a bit misleading if that’s not the case. There’s also some tense disagreement (“watched” in the first stat, but “watch” in the second) and unnecessary capitalization (Videos, Viewing, Distribute Videos) that distract from the content a bit.

Additionally, the stats aren’t really visualized, so it’s a bit confusing at the end when the 28% drop is shown with a down arrow. Not all of the other stats are indicating an increase, but it makes the viewer take another look to see whether there is a pattern. There also aren’t any sources listed, so it’s tough to interpret whether the stats are trustworthy.

I do like the brevity, however, that allows viewers to get the information presented at a glance. In all I’d give this design a C- since it could use some help with data visualization and proofing to make a good impression.

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