Infographic: Drugs and the Genetic Code


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This infographic was submitted to us by 12 Keys Rehab.

The design does a good job of sectioning out and using visuals like icons and other creative elements (like the helix surrounding the “40% to 60%”) to support the information. It features plenty of surprising statistics about the prevalence of drugs in schools and at home but keeps extra text minimal and the overall length pretty short. It’s easy to navigate and uses color to its advantage in this arena — the simple color palette avoids distracting the viewer, and in fact helps them note the distinction between sections.

The text does border on being a bit small in places, such as in the section “So Do the Genes Fit?” The text following “Twentyone” (which should be “Twenty-one” is a bit too small for viewing on the page. The disclaimer beneath the “89” in that section is pretty much illegible — I can make out “each dot represents a gene” if I get my face pretty close to the screen, but it shouldn’t be a challenge for the viewer to read the key for any data visualization.

In all I’d give this infographic an A-! It does well for its tier (without much illustration) but should watch the dynamic text size, and could also benefit from a brief conclusion to tie the information together.

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