Infographic: Drivers of Career Choice and Career Progression


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This infographic comes from the folks over at Kelly Outsourcing and Consulting Group. It’s a very well done infographic, with some great design work. I really appreciate the central graphic, displaying the overwhelming more significant value of work experience when compared to education. It’s clean, easy to look at and relatively self-explanatory. The color palette chosen here is uniform and easy on the eyes, while also allowing the graphics to “pop”.

There’s also a lot of text on here. While I don’t feel that it’s an overwhelming amount of text or that it drowns out the graphics, there’s almost always a way to visually portray that data with less text. The graphic explaining the main reasons why people change career paths is a bit drowned in text. Visual portrayals of more money, better balance and new interests are easy to come by and make for a better infographic. Another example: the graphic on the bottom left side showing employee’s confidence in returning to work after leave. It takes too much reading to get that message across, and by the time you’ve read the explanation you’ve almost lost interest in what the graphic was displaying in the first place. Maybe using less text, and relying more on data visualization for those two graphics would be a good idea.

That being said, this infographic does a great job overall with showing the importance of work experience and career paths. The central graphic is awesome, and that’s where people’s eyes will most likely fall and draw interest. I’d give this infographic an B+.

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