Infographic: Don’t Leave Your Sales Team Behind When Launching New Products


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This infographic was submitted to us by Sales Momentum.

The idea of the infographic is good, as it leads off with stats that explain the problem, details how to fix the problem, and then offers a way to learn more by linking back to their product (but only at the very end). However, there are a number of design problems that really keep the infographic from engaging the viewer.

The font choice and design elements are standard word-processor style. It doesn’t look like the infographic was designed in a design program, actually, as all of the text boxes and illustrations seem to be cookie-cutter clip art. Viewers don’t respond well to infographics that resemble outdated PowerPoints, so it’s really important that an experienced graphic designer uses unique elements to create an infographic that wows.

In addition to the clip art, the file itself seems to have been saved out at a very low resolution, making the design look even more dated. Be sure to use a high-res version of your design when it goes live!

In all I’d have to give this infographic a D because it’s just not compelling. Professional messaging demands professional design, so don’t skimp on your marketing!

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