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“As a rose-tinted dog owner with three very well behaved pooches (I’d give them at least an 8 out of 10) I decided to set up a dog training survey to find out what everyone else thought. With just over 1000 respondents from all over the world (mainly the UK and US) we found some fascinating trends which indicate the the actions we take when man’s best friend is a puppy have a huge impact on their training and personalities as they get older.”

There are adorable illustrations throughout this infographic, and it definitely contains some useful and interesting information. It was surprising to see how many dog owners had never been to a training class! There is lots of great statistical information here, and so there’s plenty of data viz too.

It’d be nice to see the data viz played with a bit, though. The colors and type of chart are pretty consistent throughout, and they’re just pretty average. I’m sure there are lots of dog images that could be used in place of the bars–dog bones/toys, leashes, dog food bags… and for pie charts, a dog food/water bowl could be used. Have fun with data viz! Just because it’s a graph doesn’t mean it has to be boring–on the contrary, it should be exciting.

There are a couple of missing punctuation marks here, such as at the end of the quote about owners believing their own dogs are the best-trained, and after the stat about rewarding good behavior. There also doesn’t need to be quotation marks around “percentage of dogs socialised as puppies.” Also, the variety of texts don’t seem to mesh well to me–they all have different feels.

Overall I’d give this a B–it stays focused on data viz, doesn’t have too much text and has cute original illustrations, but the designs of the data viz and fonts need some TLC.

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