Infographic: Does the Way You Look Affect Your Job Prospects?


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GradWeb submitted this infographic to us!

Data visualization and iconography support the information shown on division of gender, disability status, and race in UK job applications/hires. The clear data visualization makes interpretation easy, with side-by-side bar graphs to compare changes over the years and circle graphs to show the breakdown of male-to-female applicants across industries.

Something to note: the word in the title should be “affect” as that is the verb meaning to influence — it’s actually used correctly in the intro paragraph, so it looks like the title instance might just be a mistake. There are a few other typos on the design to look out for as well.

While the design starts off with a robust intro paragraph (a little long, so some viewers may skip it), I’d like to see a conclusion of some sort as well to tie everything together and summarize. On the page where the design is hosted, the infographic is broken up into smaller sections interspersed between blocks of text, so the conclusion may take the form of external text on that page. For the design to stand alone, though, it should end with at least a sentence or so summarizing what was shown and/or what viewers should take away from what they’ve learned.

In all I’d give this infographic a B- because its use of data visualization is pretty effective and the information is left really concise. A bit of proofing and something to tie the design all together at the end would improve it a bit.

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