Infographic: Does Crime Pay?


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The stars of this infographic are the illustrations! It’s great to have a little peek into every robbery, as though from a surveillance camera. The standardized emphasis on the amount of money involved in the heists makes a quick skim possible here — a casual observer could just scroll through and see the name of the heist and the amount of money without glancing at anything else.

Although it would be hard to say there’s a lot of text here, it is one of the dominant features of the infographic, since there aren’t many visualizable statistics. The only ones that feel a touch long are the Dunbar robbery and the Mona Lisa — if they could be cut to around 3 lines, like the other text blocks, it would significantly lighten the appearance of those sections.

I’m a bit curious about the Securitas robbery, which says that six of the thieves went to prison. How many thieves were there/how many escaped? I think that would factor in to my decision on whether or not “crime paid” here.

In all I’d give this infographic a B+! I’d love to see a few more stats and there are a couple of places where the text could shrink down, but in all it’s an engaging design and a fun topic.

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