Infographic: Document Restoration 101


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This infographic was submitted to us by Polygon.

This paints a picture of just how destructive it can be for a business to lose documents. It makes a useful tool for anyone uncertain of how to recover their damaged assets and protect themselves from future disasters with document scanning.

Unfortunately this design lacks data visualization where it could be utilized. We could see visualization on the map for which states suffer the most natural disasters, numbers of documents damaged in the Tropical Storm Irene, UW Superior Library Flooding, and Contra Costa Courthouse fire disasters, and percentage of businesses storing documents with and without an electronic system. Whenever you have the opportunity to represent data with charts, graphs, or pictograms, take advantage! Infographics should display information graphically whenever possible.

It does make a useful tool for companies wondering how best to manage their documents, however. In all I’d rate it a B since it’s helpful and utilizes maps and icons to take some of the work off of the text, but further implementation of data viz would further improve the design.

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