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The design of this IG is pretty eye-catching, and I like that icons were used to represent each different doctor. It would be hard to keep track of their reappearances around the infographic without the memorable pictures, and it would also make the IG feel more text-heavy. That’s something this infographic doesn’t have to worry about: all the text plays a concise and crucial role. (I also laughed at the prizes for number of times each appeared on the infographic, at the bottom. Nice touch.)

It’s a little shadow-heavy, though. A nice effect in moderation, but a little strange when applied to pretty much everything–the text, the banners, the images, etc. Also, there’s really only one type of data viz here: the bar graph. I think some variation would really benefit this infographic. Some pretty cool circle graphs or pie charts could be made here to spice up the variety of the design a little. I also noticed a typo: “Fan’s Favorite Doctors” should be “Fans’ Favorite Doctors,”

Still, the data here is really interesting and relevant to its audience. It’s amazing to see how many millions of fans there are, and just how many doctors there have been over the years, as well as how many fans tuned in for each of the most popular episodes. This was obviously well-researched, and fans will certainly appreciate the knowledge.

In all, I’d give this infographic a B. A little variety in design could help break it up so that each individual set of facts gets its own spotlight, instead of them all being lumped together as shadowed bar graphs.

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