Infographic: Do You Hold a Valid Will?


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This infographic was submitted to us by Whitehead Monckton: The Kent Law Firm. They also provided this brief description:

Whitehead Monckton wanted to stress the importance of holding a valid Will by creating a modern infographic to reach out to a wide age range and audience.

Over half the adult population fail to have a Will and if they do, it is not updated according to life changes such as marriage and divorce.

This has a lot of very valuable information about what wills are, why they’re needed, and how many people in the United Kingdom have — or rather, don’t have — wills. It makes some good attempts at data visualization and iconography, but I would choose a different tactic for the data visualization.

For example, the stat that nearly 56% of UK adults don’t have a will is illustrated by a map of the UK that is roughly 56% high from top tip to bottom tip, but this is tricky because it’s hard to gauge if the region is really 56% filled in (is it by land mass or by height?), and also because it could be construed that all of England and Wales have wills, but no one in Scotland does!

There’s also a LOT of empty space; the infographic could be several hundred pixels shorter if things were condensed just a little.

My favorite section is “Your Will is a Powerful Tool for Your Loved Ones” because it has the right balance of icons to text.

In all I’d give this infographic a B-. A bit of condensing and a reconsideration of how to portray the data would help!

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