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This infographic was submitted to us by IKEA. As it includes the dishwashers IKEA has for sale at the bottom, I’m assuming it is supposed to be an advertisement of sorts.

I really enjoyed looking through this infographic because it contains a lot of interesting and comical facts about dishwashers. I laughed out loud at the visual of foods you can cook inside of a dishwasher- lasagna in a bag? Yum. I also liked the data-visualization of the cost to run a dishwasher versus flushing the toilet. Can I also point out how darling the wet kitten is? Aww.

Although this infographic has some great (and hilarious) data-visualization, some of the content would be lost if the text was eliminated. There are a ton of facts and statistics regarding dishwashers, however, graphics aren’t always included. For example, the fact about how many times dishwashers are mentioned on Twitter each month is a great statistic, but without data-viz it gets lost in the infographic. With that said, when data is visualized, it is executed quite nicely.

The theme of information in this infographic is consistent, which I appreciate, but the layout could be adjusted to make more sense. Because there is so much information, the title gets lost because it is not located at the top of the page. Also, due to the amount of information and text, it is hard to decided what to read first- the data doesn’t have a great flow to it. But the colors used are nice, the gold and red nicely contrast the blue and I’m glad the background is something other than white or black.

As far as a letter grade, I would give it a B+. It is super informative, funny and well put together. With a few minor changes, such as a more prominent title and a more fluid layout, this infographic could be an A+.

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