Infographic: Dirty Water


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This infographic was submitted to us by Quench, who also provided this description:

Americans are a population that constantly needs our thirst quenched and water still seems to be the most popular drink of choice. According to Beverage Marketing, Americans are ingesting water in greater quantities than ever before, drinking twice as much water than they were a decade ago. This increase has led to a total of 91 billion gallons of water consumed last year which is an astronomical amount. Unfortunately, despite the increased amount of water consumption, the fact of the matter remains that most common drinking sources are still risky or insufficient in quality in spite of our technological advances. Thankfully most of us don’t have to face dreadful drinking circumstances but it is still up to debate whether or not our water is actually adequate.

This infographic features clean design and clear data visualization, telling its story with small bursts of text and enough illustration, iconography, and white space to digest the information without getting bored. The color palette is pleasing and consistent and there are some interesting facts within. With a bit more attention to proofreading, this infographic would be great!

There are a couple of instances of typos or odd phrasing that seem to have been missed when proofing this infographic. Under “Problem #2,” the text is off. “This list of contaminants commonly appears in water.” It’s a phrasing issue that makes it sound like the list itself is in the water… “This is a list of contaminants that commonly appear in water” would be preferable, or “This list of contaminants shows some nasty ingredients in your drinking water” — something like that. There’s also inconsistency between “anti-microbial” and “anti microbial” (although actually it’s “antimicrobial”), and under “UV Sanitization,” “filers” should be “filters.” Infographics need to be polished in both design and copy, so proofreading before publishing is a critical step.

In all I’d give this infographic a B+. Great data, nice clean visualization and design, but some attention to detail would take this to the next level.

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