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This infographic comes to us from the folks at Actos Lawyers. The infographic is a bit plain, but it is simple and clean – the globe image fits very nicely, the illustrations are crisp and I really like the font.

Even though the globe image looks nice, this section has a few issues. First off, the two percentage call-outs are a bit redundant (percent and % right after one another), but I admit that is nit-picky. I think that a heat map would have been a much better way to represent the two lists of countries so that the reader could actually see where the problem is as opposed to having to read all of the information.

Another big issue with this infographic is that, aside from one graph at the bottom, there is no real data visualization. It seems that the “Types of Diabetes” section is supposed to be a stack graph, but the actual numbers need to be much more prominent – otherwise, it is just a (very pretty) illustration. The bottom two sections have a lot of data, but rely on typography and illustration to convey the message rather than actual data visualization. Any of these percentages could easily be represented by a clever pie chart. The cost information could be compared with a pie graph or use some sort of currency icon to represent the costs relative to one another. The “Diabetes and Age” section would be better represented as a bar graph of some sort as well.

It’s unfortunate to see data visualization neglected on an infographic that clearly contains a lot of great information – this is, after all, the point of an infographic. The design is straightforward and simple enough to easily incorporate some data visualization in the areas I’ve mentioned above, and I think it could really take this infographic to the next level. Overall, I would give this infographic a C because while the design is nice, it is simply not data-driven.

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