“Infographic”: Dental Care and Your Health


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This “infographic” was submitted to us by the good people at Dental I really like the illustrations – it reminds me of the game Operation. However, this is not an “infographic” in the traditional sense since there is no data visualization of any sort and is very text-heavy. There are definitely some statistics in the “fast stats” and “barriers to oral health” sections that could be visualized (any percentage could easily be represented with a pie chart), and visualizing it would allow the designer to pare down the text and make the entire thing a bit less cluttered. It will also draw attention to the statistics, which is the entire purpose of an infographic in the first place.

I am confused as to why only some of the diseases listed are represented here while others are listed separately. Fixing this is another opportunity to pare down the text and make more room for creative design. I also really do not like the lard bucket as a representation of obesity. Perhaps a representation of fat cells would be a good alternative? Additionally, the “gum disease” section needs to be more cohesive – right now, the circle that says “gum disease” seems really separated from the supporting text below it.

Overall, I would give this “infographic” a C-. Although there is not a whole lot of data visualization and the whole thing is a bit cluttered, it is a unique idea for a design. Another thing I really do like is that all of the sources are footnoted. Infographics are definitely more credible when they provide the sources, and if anyone did want to know more about the information covered here they could easily just find the information themselves. It’s easy to see exactly where each fact comes from.

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