Infographic: Death of the Beard?


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FashionBeans sent us this infographic.

The first data visualization is really creative and inspired. It relates to the topic exactly, making it a great choice for an unconventional twist on a conventional bar graph. The map with faces is also fun, though I wish the map and faces were a bit more zoomed-in with the text size brought down a touch so the distinctions in facial hair were easier to see.

After this, the design starts to get a bit text-heavy. While the accompanying illustrations summarize what tools and techniques will be talked about, to get the actual information you have to read paragraphs of text. It makes sense that some information is conveyed in text, but in those situations a set of short bullet points or numbered steps is preferable so the viewer doesn’t bolt at the site of a text chunk. On a design, 2+ sentences can look really daunting and viewers would rather just skip to the next illustration; if you’re able to break that up into brief one-line blurbs, suddenly it doesn’t seem so bad.

In all I’d give this infographic a B because it’s really fun to go through and has some great illustrations. With a bit less text (or text divided up more), it would be a smoother ride for the viewer and they’d be less likely to skip some of that text information.

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