Infographic: Cyber 3.0 – The Intersection of the Semantic Web & Cyber


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This infographic was submitted to us by Narus.

I like the dual-timeline layout of this infographic: in one space we get an overview of both web and cyber evolutions. Each phase is described using similar wording/comparable points of measurements so that it’s easy to define the differences in each evolution.

The color palette is bright without being an eyesore, and the color differences between the top and bottom sections help further distinguish them from one another.

One suggestion to improve this infographic would be to accompany the text descriptions of each phase of web and cyber (especially cyber) with icons. Readers who aren’t as familiar with each technology or what the terminology means could benefit from icons illustrating what “homogeneous information” or “automated alignment of resources with missions” are.

An introduction, conclusion, and source list are also recommended infographic elements missing from this design. An intro lets the reader know what to expect; a conclusion reinforces the introduction and information, and may also leave the viewer with a final thought or call to action; and a source list helps viewers verify the accuracy of the information they’ve just been presented with.

In all I’d give this infographic a B-, as it relies fairly heavily on text and lacks a source list to back up its information – but the design is moving in the right direction as far as simplicity goes!

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