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This infographic was submitted to us by Peta2.

Most of what I see here makes an excellent example of an infographic, so I’d give this a B. This is a well-organized infographic with an extremely targeted message. It uses data viz quite effectively and contains no unnecessary text. It’s concise, to-the-point, and makes a convincing case to “Cut Out Dissection.” The color palette is appropriate to the topic and easy on the eyes. The brand isn’t overly present even though there is a definite opinion on the subject matter being presented. The story is told and ends on the right note: what can be done about the problem?

The only place in which I could suggest more data viz/comparison would be a look at the other leading causes of animal death (like hunting, slaughterhouses, etc.) to see what portion of the larger problem dissection covers. If there were also a statistic available about what percentage of animals are killed by gas, that could cut out the only real portion of text in the infographic.

The biggest problem I see with “Cut Out Dissection” is that there are no sources listed. Sources are extremely important for giving your infographic credibility–otherwise viewers have no way of checking the facts. Especially regarding topics like these, where opinions weigh heavily on either side of the issue, it’s vital to show where the information came from. It’s the main reason I had to dock the infographic from an A.

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