Infographic: Custom Cruising: A Souped-Up Guide to Pimping Your Ride


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This infographic was submitted to us by Pacific Stereo, and the copy was written by Killer Infographics.

This is a fun look at cars through the ages, leading up to how people popularly customize their cars today. It uses good visual queues for most elements (such as the most expensive car and how viewers might start customizing their own vehicles) but I’d like to see the same “anatomy” style for the “Show Off Your Personality!” section, too. Those vehicles just have a title and a picture, so viewers have to draw their own conclusions as to what makes the modifications interesting.

It actually looks like the company’s name is misspelled right off the bat (in the “magazine-style” header, it reads “PACIFIC STERO.COM”) — proofreading is incredibly important on anything published, including infographics. Additionally, time periods (e.g., 1800s) don’t need an apostrophe between the date and the “s.” Careful proofing is essential to the professional appearance of an infographic.

Although I typically like to see a concluding statement on infographics, this design utilizes a different technique: bringing the viewer into the experience and breaking down their own potential car. This serves the same purpose as a concluding statement by wrapping things up and helping the viewer think about where they fit into the picture.

In all I’d give this infographic a B; proofing is critical and text detail should be provided where it aids the viewer!

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