Infographic: Cruise Ship Technology


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Cruise1st UK sent us this infographic.

This shows off some great features of modern cruise ships. The technological integration seems to be making cruise ships a very different experience for travelers. I love the combination of icons supplementing the main cruise ship illustration as well.

This infographic is a good example of how just a little bit of text can appear pretty dense on an infographic. Each callout has a couple of sentences about the concept with it, but it would be easier on the eye if these callouts were much shorter — more like 1-3 lines. Rather than writing in sentence form, you can help the viewer absorb the information and move on faster if you write in short bursts. For example “A different RFID wristband can be used for passengers to make on-board purchases without the need to present their room number, or their credit card” should be shortened to “RFID wristbands allow easy on-board purchases / No room number / No credit card” where “/” is a line break.

In all I’d give this infographic a B because it definitely has the right idea, but could benefit from a reduction in text and also a concluding statement to tie up the narrative.

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