Infographic: Crime Scene Science


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This infographic was submitted to us by eLocalLawyers.

This is really attractive. It uses the yellow police tape feel without being heavy-handed, employs cute iconography for a non-cute subject and is just darn interesting. Even if we don’t all admit it, nearly everyone is fascinated by death and murder. Getting an inside look at how these crimes are investigated is pretty cool.

There are great illustrations throughout–simple and clean, but that just adds to the aesthetic. The visuals on passage of time and trajectory of blood drips are excellent, and the info remains engaging. I’m especially into the info about forensic entomology… I had to exclaim out loud that moths feed on body hair. Yuck!

If I had to suggest anything to edit, I’d recommend trying to trim down the text in the intro paragraph and in “How to Do an Autopsy”. Because the columns of text are so narrow, it makes even the shortest amount of text look lengthy. “Stomach Contents” is two relatively short sentences, but looks like a large block of text due to formatting. I get stuck looking at the cute illustrations, and end up just skimming the descriptions.

Overall I’m a big fan of the aesthetic of this IG, and I’ve give it an A. Great work on a gross topic!

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