Infographic: Credit Card Fraud in Canada


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This infographic comes to us from Credit Card Review, who provided this description:

“The Canadian banking industry loses hundreds of millions dollars per year due to credit
card fraud. Credit card fraud has become a serious problem that is not always easy to
solve. The infographic below offers a snapshot of the costs of this modern crime.”

What we have here in data viz is pretty nice. Simple circle charts show the breakdown of types of fraud both on average and in total. The design is pretty interesting; I like the circular images placed among the layers and the blue color palette. It really makes the gold credit cards between average loss and total loss serve as a section break.

On the data side of things, this could really use some beefing up. We’re expecting from the title to see a lot of info–maybe percentage of funds recovered from fraud-related theft on average, or the number of Canadians who are victims of credit card fraud. The info that’s here is good, but it’s incomplete; it’s not telling a whole story.

Overall I’d give this infographic a B. There’s nothing really wrong with what’s here, but there just isn’t enough of it.

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