Infographic: Creating Jobs Through Investment


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This is a good example of a “short and sweet” infographic that tells its story quickly and clearly.

I love the lead-in with the arrows and globe, followed by a clear assortment of data viz to effectively tell the story without many words. This information lets people know that their EB-5 applications are more likely than ever to be denied, and that 2012 is on a fast track to become the busiest year for EB-5s in sheer volume of applicants.

While the design itself is relatively plain, I think it’s appropriate for the topic. I do wonder why the data viz isn’t featured more prominently, though. The dominant images are the globe and the hand with the Visa. I’d like to see the graphs in a larger format to place emphasis on the information instead of the icons.

A little more data overall wouldn’t hurt, either. What % of applicants are male or female? What’s the average age of applicants? Are there peak months for applications? The goal isn’t a long scrolling piece but a bigger picture — a more comprehensive story.

Infographics are intended to tell a story, but this one is more an explanation of the company and a few choice stats inserted. A little more info could help round this out into something great.

Overall I’d give this infographic a B. Great simple design and low on text, but could be filled out a little, and more consideration given to the proportions of the respective elements.

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