Infographic: Crafty Criminals – The Greatest Heists in History


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This infographic was submitted to us by SimpliSafe, who also provided a brief description:

What’s the best way to steal a billion dollars? These seven epic heists show there’s a million ways to steal, but only a few ways to get away with it…

This infographic makes great use of illustrations, fun colors, data visualization, and clean organization. The typography in the header is quite engaging, so it definitely makes the viewer want to continue on to the rest of the content.

The text does appear a bit heavy at times, though it makes sense to include for the purpose of storytelling. Otherwise, the IG would need to be more of a comic panel. However, it could be broken up a bit more to avoid paragraph chunks. Even one sentence can be 5, 6, 7 lines long when formatted for an infographic.

The content is engaging and each section is fairly brief, so it’s fairly quick to move through. The engaging and lively design works in tandem with the content to create a great infographic overall!

My chief critique of the infographic is that it lacks sources. A source list allows the viewer to verify information included in the infographic, as well as providing suggestions for resources to check out more information. Sure, a Google search could accomplish this, but the research portion of an infographic can take hours — and in a research paper, one always cites their sources. Consider including footnotes or a unified source list at the bottom of your infographic to increase credibility.

There are also a few cases where the data viz isn’t truly data viz – for example, in the 1950 Great Brinks Robbery, the dollar bill to represent $58,000, if taken to scale, would mean that the total amount of the heist was just $406,000, instead of the $2.7 million. You’d actually need over 46.5 of those dollar bills for it to accurately show just how little was really recovered!

In all I’d rate this infographic an B+ — extremely visually engaging, but could disperse the text just a touch more and focus on accuracy in data visualization for bigger impact.

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