Infographic: Controlling Indoor Air Quality


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AAA Heating & Cooling sent us this infographic!

The layout centers around a large building, which is appropriate since it’s discussing indoor air quality. Most of the data points and elements in a scene are accompanied by illustrations that help emphasize each point. The infographic is pretty informative and stays on topic throughout, so the viewer doesn’t have to sift through any extraneous information, and clear section headers keep the different types of information separated and organized.

One small note: watch for consistency in things like capitalization (sentence casing vs. title casing vs. all-caps in headers) when proofing your design. Also, in some areas it’s a little busy (some of the windows are almost completely filled with text, giving an illusion of crowding even though there is a lot of brick space around them), so a little more breathing room would help make the text blocks a bit less intimidating. Conversely, areas like “Why indoor air quality is so important” have enough space for the eye to move freely around the section.

In all I’d give this infographic a B because it’s concise, clear, on-topic, and an engaging design. Just a bit of extra space in some areas would help this out!

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