Infographic: Contributing Factors to Motorcycle Accidents


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Zinda & Davis, PLLC sent along this infographic!

While I like the central illustration (the three icons give a good upfront sense of the contributing factors may be), I wish that the information had a clearer hierarchy or storyline. It’s difficult to tell where the eye is meant to go after looking over the central image/title. A strong infographic should guide the viewer through a clearly organized story.

It also seems like not every stat here is puling its weight. To me, it seems intuitive that most motorcycle riders would be 20 – 50 and so would likely have the most chance of crashing. Also, the 9-hour timespan where 60% of crashes occurred seems pretty straightforward since those are active hours for most people, and we can assume that a large portion of the remaining 40% of crashes were at night. Don’t include facts just because they relate to your story; make sure they help support it or tell something surprising!

In all I’d rate this infographic a C since I’d like to see a bit more interest and hierarchy both visually and in the content.

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