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This infographic was submitted to us by, who provided this description:

Back in 1976 when the first generation of the Ford Fiesta was launched, very few thought it would prove a worthy competitor to the other European supermini cars. […] In the meantime, the Fiesta has reached a milestone in one of its most lucrative markets – the United Kingdom where the Fiesta has been the country’s best selling car for three years in a row. Last month Ford celebrated 4 million cars sold in the UK. This infographic, prepared by pays homage to the popular car and provides some stats and details comparing the six different generations.

I like the header font, providing a sort of vintage vibe to set the tone. The car illustration is an interesting mashup of detail and silhouette, an aesthetic repeated later on in the infographic.

Overall, the design is a bit lacking. For the most part, the fonts could be found in a typical word processor. The file also seems to have been compressed — it’s missing the crisp feel of a high-res version. Unfortunately the design is also fairly predictable from start to finish. It’d be great to see a few more risks taken: more data, less text, more (different!) illustrations — maybe a car on a road or at a dealership, rather than just several car outlines. The section on the car’s evolution over the years could benefit from a more detailed level of design, or even photographs to show the more nuanced differences.

In all I’d give this infographic a C, the main issue being that it’s not particularly engaging. Infographic design should be dynamic and exciting in order to draw the viewer in — don’t be afraid to play around with fonts, layout, icons and illustration to vary the design and keep things interesting.

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