Infographic: Complying With the Hatch Act in Social Media

complying with the hatch act in social media

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Not too many people are familiar with the Hatch Act, and that’s probably because it came about in 1939 as a way to regulate government employees… so if you’re not a government employee, this might be new to you. The Hatch Act prohibits government employees from engaging in partisan political activity and came about as a response to the Red Scare. Now today, with a variety of social media sites sitting at the finger tips of anyone in government, the Hatch Act has evolved to ensure that employees do not use social media outlets to violate the act. While the Hatch Act was appealed in the Supreme Court twice, it has been upheld on the grounds of national security.

The infographic above provides a simple yes/no matrix displaying what government employees can and cannot do on popular social networks. It’s a very clear and concise way of explaining the do’s and don’ts and is broken up by level of employment in the government. While this is a very clear infographic, it is not the easiest to read when blown up to full size (2666 x 7054px). It’s design is pretty basic, but that’s because the concept is as well. This infographic would work as a great tool for employee training and is probably of interest to many social media users.


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