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This infographic about the old Commodore 64 comes to us from the folks at Discount Coder.

I really like the style of this infographic, it makes me feel like I’m staring at a computer screen in the 80s with the plain black background and basic looking computer text that is used in spots. I also like the section that shows different Commodore systems throughout the years.

Even though I like how this looks, as an infographic I have to give it a D+. The main problem is that there is very little data visualization, it mostly consists of pictures with text next to them containing all the information. For example, the timeline looks nice and I like how some of the data is presented on a computer screen, but I would like to see more graphics that correspond to points on the timeline and tell readers something visually. Also in the specs section the picture doesn’t tell anything about the data. Individual graphics that correspond to the different specs like sound, memory, etc. would add a lot to the data visualization.

I like the little bar graph that compares pricing of the Commodore 64 with its competitors at the time, using pictures of the devices to represent the bars on the graph is a good idea. I would however suggest centering the names of these devices under the corresponding keyboards instead of having them crammed together in the corner, just a minor fix but little things like this can make a big difference in the overall quality of an infographic. Another small thing to change is the consistency of font throughout, sometimes information is in old-school computer font but other times it just looks pasted from a Word document. I suggest keeping it more consistent to go with the 80s computer theme.

I like the general feel of this infographic and it definitely has the right idea but due to lack of data visualization and a few other minor things I can’t give it a higher grade as it is.


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