Infographic: Commercial Waste Management


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This infographic was submitted to us by Dial A Bin!

It explains upfront how recycling just one bottle makes a big impact, then gives some stats about EU/UK waste and recycling.

The illustrations/icons are helpful here and the information is nice and concise. However, this infographic lacks a bit of context. The best ways to get that are with an intro paragraph and a concluding statement, as well as clear and smooth transitions in between sections. As it is, I’m unsure from the title what aspects of commercial waste management will be discussed or what the stance of the infographic will be; then it moves quickly from very specific stats about what a water bottle could power to very general stats about waste in the EU, and ends abruptly without telling us what we should be taking away from the information. Context helps your viewer understand what points you want to get across and what actions (if any) they should take based on that information.

In all I’d give this infographic a D, because it’s fairly incomplete at the moment. It’s definitely got a good start with a graphics-based narrative, but it feels like there is more to say to finish making its point.

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