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SolutionCenter sent this infographic to us! It shows how comic-based TV has taken off. The vintage style and comic references throughout the design make it fairly clear what the topic is, and the style makes a lot of sense given the topic.

The main thing distracting me here is the title as it relates to the rest of the design. The title references comics coming on-screen, but really only the first section speaks to that. I’d advise changing the title or updating the content to reflect that.

While the information itself is mainly conveyed through text, the delivery is often helpful — for example, in “This Year’s TV Lineup” the information is presented in a well-organized and succinct way, so it doesn’t take the viewer long to get the necessary information.

In the next section, the visual cue of a podium helps show the ranking of publishers without additional text, which is really successful. Later on, it’s great to see visually that the value of Spider-Man is over twice that of Iron Man, etc.

It was also smart to leave the company mention to the very bottom — a hard sell/company name right off the bat can throw viewers and discourage them from continuing on with the design.

In all I’d give this infographic a C+, because while the infographic itself is good at conveying information quickly, the title/content disagreement is a bit difficult to get past. A successful infographic should have a clear focus within its topic.

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