Infographic: Colouring Your Home – Where Best to Use & The Emotions They Invoke


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This infographic was submitted to us by Design 55.

This is an interesting guide for somebody starting from scratch, unsure of what colors they’re looking for in their home! It’s interesting to see what each color connotes. The textured background was a good choice; with it, the colors stand out but the infographic doesn’t fade into the background of its host page.

It does seem a bit prescriptive, especially in the layout of the home. One would be fairly limited in color palettes if they wanted to follow this guide! It may be nice to have secondary palettes offered — for instance, is it just a “no” to have purple in the living room? Why should bright blue be suitable for a ceiling, but not bright pink or green? The color for the billiard room makes sense, as it would likely be the color of the table, but should the walls be the same color?

Descriptions of the vibe you might want for each room could be helpful in justifying what colors were picked.

It would also be great to see some statistics here as well to support the theories. What percent of people prefer certain colors? What percent of people consult interior designers? Any available information to help provide further context to the color theories would be great for the viewer. As such, it’s a visual guide, but not an infographic in the typical sense.

In all I’d give this a C, since it lacks visualizable data and might actually benefit from a bit more explanation as to why only certain colors have been chosen.

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