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This infographic was submitted to us by SpareFoot.

This gives an interesting look at just how much goes into outfitting college sports teams! I really like the section comparing University of Texas equipment to University of Florida — it’s a great example of effective data viz.

There are a few spots where that could be employed more effectively to round out the info and shorten the time it takes to absorb everything. For example, in the final section we don’t get any visual cues as to what schools have the biggest sponsorship deals — we have to read all the numbers to get that info. This would be a great opportunity for a bar chart to really get the point across and see the numbers instead of having to read them… University of Michigan’s Adidas sponsorship is nearly 4x greater than University of Oregon’s Nike sponsorship, which would make a big impact if it were visualized.

In spots where visuals aren’t used, the text can appear a bit overwhelming. For example, in the top section I’d recommend breaking up those “Top 10” lists with logos or another form of visual aide. Between the descriptions in the first three boxes, the quote, and the Top 10 lists, that section is pretty heavy with text. Even though it’s not in paragraph form, that much text in one spot can look a bit intimidating on an infographic.

In all I’d give this infographic a B. It’s informative but could use a bit of a boost to reduce the weight of the text (again, it isn’t that there’s really a lot of text so much as that it needs to be dispersed a bit) and up the reliance on data viz.

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