Infographic: Coal-Seam Gas Polling in Queensland


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This infographic was submitted to us by the folks at ReachTEL. They included this description:

ReachTEL has conducted a poll of over a thousand Queenslanders’ asking them about the coal-seam gas industry. In addition to the CSG questions, we asked for State voting intentions. The polling was conducted nationally on Tuesday night (16th August) using our fully automated voice broadcast market research capabilities. This gives us the ability to have audited research results back in our customer’s hands in literally hours instead of days or even weeks.

The data is very clearly displayed here. There’s no ambiguity about the questions or responses, and no filler data. We see which party is the most popular overall and the varying opinions within each party on particular issues of coal-seam gas and other environmental concerns. It’s nice that the colors for each answer remain the same throughout, so there’s a unity and continuity to the data that allows for even simpler interpretation.

Design-wise, this infographic is quite plain. An infographic should be inviting and interesting to look at, but the designer here displayed the information in rather muted tones and simple structure. All of the data is displayed in the same size and type of pie chart throughout. Designers should take advantage of the graphic medium to go “outside of the box,” as it were. It is possible to make a unique and engaging design that is still clear to viewers.

Overall I’d give this infographic a C. It is telling a story, there isn’t too much text, and data viz is definitely employed throughout. However, it’s just not eye-catching. It’s extremely basic and, well, average, hence the “C.” Spice it up with a little creative illustrating and maybe a few more points of data–maybe even a sentence or two about the coal-seam gas industry for those who aren’t in the know–and it’ll be well on its way.

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