Infographic: Christmas Marketing: 6 Months of SEO and Marketing Done for You


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Bulldog Digital Media passed us this in-depth infographic! Looks like if you aren’t yet planning for the holiday season, you might already be behind.

This shows an illustrated list of action items for each month in the 6 months leading up to Christmas. Each item has an associated image (“brainstorm” has a brain-esque cloud, the mobile phone callout is written on a mobile phone, etc.). It’s a useful tool if the viewer already knows and trusts the company hosting the infographic, but without sources or any stats to back up the “to-do” list, it’s difficult to judge who’s making the call that these are the right steps to take. Credibility is really important for any infographic, so be sure to back up your story as much as possible!

In addition, be sure to proofread carefully. There are a lot of instances of unnecessary capitalization and a few misspellings that also hurt the professional appearance of the graphic.

In all I’d give this infographic a C as it could use some work to be more successful!

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