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This infographic was submitted to us by CouponCodes4U.

There’s a few pieces of good data viz here, and lots of great Christmas-y information! I like the background image and the adorable illustrations. However, some inconsistencies and missed opportunities are bringing the infographic down.

Some types of proofing errors really stand out on an infographic. One of these is the choice to include or exclude periods from the end of data points and fragments. This seems to be overlooked in lots of infographics out there, including this one. There are also capitalization issues: “Who’s giving Gifts?” “Santa Claus facts…” “Milk & Cookies” etc. Words seem to be capitalized at random in subheadings.

The designer should also decide if they’re going to write out full numbers or abbreviate. In “Milk & Cookies,” 114.8m is followed by 229,522,718. Either the first number should be changed to 114,800,000 or the second number should be abbreviated to 229.5m.

Additionally, the “Santa Claus facts…” section only has one fact about Santa. With the population info, I thought it might be estimating the length of time it would take Santa to reach each house, but it didn’t seem to relate. That’s an example of a title that doesn’t really introduce what’s to follow.

There are many missed opportunities for data viz — although there are dozens of numbers in this IG, there are only 3 instances of data visualization. There are dozens of fun holiday-themed ways to visualize this info, so I wish I could see more creativity and visualization here. How about candy cane bar graphs? Santa’s sleigh drawing a line graph across the sky?

In all I’d give this infographic a C. It needs more data viz, better organization, and more careful proofreading to become fantastic.

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