Infographic: Choosing the Right Furnace for Your Home or Business


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AAA Heating & Cooling submitted this infographic to us!

This design makes good use of icons and illustrations throughout. In some places it’s accomplished very effectively by nearly eliminating use of text! The section “Comparing AFUE Efficiencies for Different Types of Furnaces” only uses text as graph labels, which is very effective. It also makes use of icons on the graphs to minimize text further.

In some other spots the text gets a little heavy (such as the “Heating Load & Fuel Price” section under “Understanding Your Upgrade”), so just be sure to rein it in whenever possible!

The “What’s That on the Label? Learning Your Efficiency Ratings Boards” section is also really helpful because it shows viewers exactly where to look on their furnaces to find their energy information — much more effective than just trying to describe with text where to locate it.

In all I’d give this infographic a B because it does a pretty good job of minimizing text and using illustrations, icons, and data visualization instead.

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