Infographic: Childhood Obesity


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This infographic comes to us from MAT@USC.

This is an awesome infographic that not only looks great but has a very good balance between text and data viz. There is a lot of creativity in this that I really appreciate and that works well with the topic of childhood obesity.

I give this an A because of the good data visualization and the story that it tells. It held my attention and there are too many good elements of it for me to list all the ones that I like, so I’ll cover some of my favorites. To start off, I really like the pie charts at the beginning that are made out of… pie! The next graphic, showing one in five infants drink soda, is nice too, because the contrast between baby bottles and the soda bottle is easy to understand. A couple more good elements are the ten forks with broccoli on three to show the number of high schoolers who eat vegetables daily and the three sports balls with one video game controller showing that one out of four kids doesn’t participate in any kind of physical activity.

There are a few places where the graphics don’t tell the whole story that the text is telling. For example, the vending machine section could be improved by having some sort of image representing each level of school that the data refers to. Also the statistic that two out of three high schoolers drink some sort of sweetened beverage every day could be more visually represented by putting, say, one water bottle next to two sports drink bottles.

Overall, this is a great infographic that really tells a story about childhood obesity. The design and graphics look good and are perfect for the topic. A few minor improvements and this would get an A+!

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