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This infographic was submitted by Certification Map.

This has an adorable, refrigerator magnet aesthetic. The stars all over are pretty clever, considering the stars/celebrities double meaning. It’s interesting to see all the different ways celebrities give back to the educational community. I also love the superhero font used for Shakira and Will Smith’s contributions.

There’s no data visualization on this inforgraphic. While it provides a clear picture of some of the most notable educational donations by celebrities, the graphic is mostly text and illustrative images rather than charts and graphs. Take Oprah’s contribution:

“Value: $40 Million–TV host Oprah Winfrey opened her Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa in 2007, which houses and educates 300 students for free.”

That’s a double-whammy opportunity–the designer could have chosen an icon to represent a million dollars, thrown 40 of them onto the infographic, and then taken a similar tactic for the number of students. Things like this ensure that the infographic is being seen, not read.

In order to take the story of this infographic a step further, maybe there could have been a few statistics about domestic or global need for funding assistance for education. It would help to round out the perception of the donations and also show that there is always a need for contributions in this area.

Ultimately, without data visualization, this can’t be considered a true infographic, and it gets a C- on the scale. Once a designer takes some of the information within and makes it into something that can be taken in quickly instead of read through, it will be much better.

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