Infographic: Celebrity Gambling–Not Like the Movies!


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This infographic was submitted to us by Slots of Vegas, who had this to say:

“This infographic brings a succulent list of gambling athletes, socialites, actors, A-listers, B-listers, No-listers and obviously one hot beach blonde to spice things up. Trust me. Gambling with celebrities is NOTHING like you see in the movies.”

The majority of this infographic is not actually an infographic–though it is really well-done. I love all the little cartoon bodies on the celebrity heads. My favorite is the human body on Marge Simpson’s head. It’s completely adorable. However, all the descriptions of what the celebrities have been up to are just that: descriptions. There is no data viz to accompany these facts, which makes all the information in the top half exclusively text.

There’s an unfortunate typo up there too–Pamela Anderson allegedly “offered x-rated ‘moves’ to settle a $250 K debt…” Given the video camera at her cartoon feet, it would seem that was meant to say “movies.” Oops!

I’ve got to wonder about the data a bit for the total winnings and what they could buy. If $1,182,000 could buy 9 houses in the United States, that would make each house only $131,333 and change. Maybe in the middle of nowhere houses only cost that much, but in a lot of metropolitan areas, even condos cost much more than this.

Overall I’d give the infographic a C-. Some more data viz and a few more statistics would be nice, but the design is pretty cute and there aren’t many typos or other technical errors. When more data visualization is employed, this will be a pretty engaging example of an infographic.

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