Infographic: Celebrating 10 Million Toshiba Laptops


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This infographic was submitted to us by Toshiba.

This is a fun little comparative history of where Toshiba has been and where they are now! I love the lead-in with comparative stats — 10 million laptops is like [A], [B], and [C]!

It’s fun to see how the laptops have evolved over the years — I especially love the see-saw image comparing the weight of the 1988 laptop to their lightest model! It would be fun to include an accurate data visualization aspect here by sizing either the people or the scales according to their proportionate weights (i.e. the 1988 laptop is over 13.5X heavier — the scale image for it could be 13.5X larger than the modern scale).

It would also be great to see either a border or a textured background, to give the image a bit more visual interest. In its current setup, it blends into the background of its host page (and ours!), so at first glance it isn’t evident that it’s a separate component. Even an off-white or gray can be enough to distinguish the infographic from the page(s) on which it lives.

In all I’d give this infographic a B. It’s funny and fairly well organized (the rainbow streamers running down the length of the timeline help to guide the eye), but would be great to see true data visualization extended beyond just the first section — and a background that provides a little more intrigue.

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