Infographic: California Drought


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SERVIZ submitted this infographic about the California drought, showing significant numbers that speak to the scope and impact of the drought on the environment and economy. Clever accompanying illustrations help tell the story of each data point.

Organizationally, the flow of the layout is a little strange. At parts it’s easy to follow, but in others the viewer can get lost. About halfway down, when I reached the “1 year, 2 years, 3 years” illustration, I had to think for a moment to determine what it was referring to — the “California has only one year’s supply” point above it. But since a “$2.2 billion” stat appears between the initial mention of the one year’s supply and the illustration it correlates to, I wondered if some text was missing. Be careful that your layout and visual devices are intuitive and in close proximity.

In the bottom section, the illustration style suddenly changes to a more three-dimensional and realistic approach than the style used in the previous sections. This has the effect of making it feel almost like a separate infographic. A strong infographic should use a single illustration style throughout for a cohesive feel. However, the matching of water-saving tips to different areas in the house is fun to look through.

In all I’d give this infographic a C. While it does match some information to related illustrations, the slightly confusing layout and disparate illustration styles are distracting.

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