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Casino Caliente submitted this infographic to us! It features recognizable money/gaming imagery like dollar signs, dice, a roulette wheel, and more, as well as a consistent color palette. The icons for the “Most betted sports” section are really effective and don’t need any accompanying text.

Unfortunately, although there isn’t very much text, there are quite a few typos: inconsistent capitalization, and incorrect number (in “Biggest wins” 2 of the numbers are the same), and a misspelling (platers vs. players). That’s pretty distracting especially on a small infographic, and highlights the importance of proofreading.

There also isn’t clear organization or even a definitive title for the infographic as a whole, so beyond the eye-catching “Most played” section with its huge dollar sign, the eye doesn’t really know where to go next, and as a result it’s a bit hard to focus on any one piece at a time.

In all I’d give this design a C- because it’s done a great job of showing what the topic is about without needing to read, but needs more organization and proofing to be more successful.

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