Infographic: Business Travel is Big Business


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This infographic was submitted to us by Smart

There is plenty of targeted, relevant information in this infographic. There doesn’t seem to be anything frivolous or off-topic. The data is very well organized, tells a complete story and includes several good examples of data visualization. My favorite element here is the travel budget shown in a rainbow of airplane exhaust. It’s kind of reminiscent of an ice cream cone or cotton candy or something–in a good way. It’s probably the most creative example of data viz on this infographic.

There are a few places where data viz could have been employed–the first set of numbers could have been scale representations, like stacks of money, to illustrate the values. The yellow box could’ve been pared down, since the 6.9% value would have worked well for visualization as well. If text can be removed and the information is still understandable, it’s a good indication of a solid infographic. It seems to be a random choice which statistics get visualized and which are confined to the yellow tags. The yellow tags also serve as a platform for headings, which makes for a bit of visual oddity. Maybe a color differentiation would fix that.

The major problem with this infographic is that it’s enormous. At a width of 2,224 pixels, it’s more than double what we like to see–maximum 1,000 pixels. Since it’s a pretty long infographic as well, this makes it a scrolling nightmare. Scale it down about 55-60% and it will be much more user-friendly.

Overall I’d give this infographic a B-. It’s got a lot of good data viz, with room for a little more, but it needs to shrink quite a bit to be readable.

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