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This infographic was submitted to us by Energy Forecaster.

This design is about taking a lot of detailed survey information and breaking it down into detailed sections. It relies almost completely on data viz to tell its story, which we love to encourage, and each page of the infographic is clearly categorized.

It’s easy to follow the progression of the questions to find out why businesses haven’t switched suppliers or how much a raise in energy prices would impact their business. However, the data is all “middle” — that is to say, the introduction is above the infographic and the content is within it, but a conclusion is nowhere to be found. The final page of 4 discusses energy contracts and nothing else, and there is no Page 5 to tie things up. An infographic should tell a story, and this one approaches it, but only with a little inference.

Although I appreciate the extensive use of data visualization in the infographic, it does become a little monotonous. The bottom portion of page 4 is a good example of how repeating the same type and scale of data visualization can hurt the impact of the information. My eye just jumps over and between the circle charts instead of moving through them and absorbing each one. Because they all look identical, there’s no real point of focus.

In all I’d give this infographic a B — lots of data viz and a clear target, but could use some more visual interest and a beginning/middle/end.

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