Infographic: Bus WiFi & the Changing Face of Public Transportation


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This infographic was submitted to us by SinglePoint, who also provided this brief description:

Internet WiFi for traveling is a must, say most U.S. mass transit riders. This infographic outlines WiFi use on buses and how it impacts ridership.

This infographic makes good use of data visualization and clean, spacious design to offer a clear understanding of the topic without clutter or verbosity. By showing how use of public transportation has increased along with demand for WiFi, they draw a reasonable conclusion.

Another nice touch is that the infographic doesn’t go overboard on typography. It can be tempting to use different fonts for headlines, important points, or any other number of uses, but this IG’s restraint in that arena contributes to its easy-to-digest design.

The first data set, representing the survey of 1,000+ bus riders, is a little strange in the way the categories are separated. Someone who wished to email or surf the web would likely want WiFi as well, yet WiFi is shown as a distinct category. Still, it’s evident that device use on public transit is prominent.

I like the color distinction between the two main sections. However, I feel that for the topic of the IG, the even distribution between them is a little odd; it seems the first section is the main topic of the infographic, and the second is just more general info about public transit. Judging by the title and intro, the infographic doesn’t seem to be so much concerned with how many people ride the bus and where than what they’re doing on the buses, why they need the WiFi, etc. Maybe a few callouts of systems using WiFi successfully, or surveys of how many people have used WiFi in public places recently, etc. would be more helpful than a deep dive into transit itself.

In all I’d give this infographic a B+. It’s heavy on data viz, light on text, but could maybe use a second look at which is the emphasis: public transit itself, or device/mobile use on public transit.

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