Infographic: Bull vs. Bolt

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Find out what excitement you could get with holidays to Spain and other great sun holidays this year with first choice.
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This infographic comes to us from the folks at First Choice. Here is what they had to say about their infographic upon submitting it to us:

First Choice created an infographic for the Pamplona Bull Run that is taking place at the moment in Spain. The Bull Run takes place during the San Fermin Festival in Pamplona. The purpose of this event is the transport of the bulls from the off-site corrals where they had spent the night, to the bullring where they would be killed in the evening. People would jump among them to show off their bravery. Today, thousands of people gather every year to run in front of the Bulls. The infographic puts Usain Bolt against the bulls to find out if he could outrun them. There are lots of interesting facts and stats about the Bull Run too.

This infographic is very well-designed. I really enjoy the color scheme and the illustrations. My favorite parts are the illustrated bulls and runners; I laughed out loud when I noticed that one of the runners was being tackled by a bull.

The infographic does have a good amount of data visualization, but it could be more prominent and better organized. I really like “Gore Fest” section and think that the “1 in 10” statistic is displayed very well. The boxes at the bottom do not really work, though – they take away from the flow of the infographic. Instead, some of the data visualization could be made larger and then it could all be laid out in a more organized fashion (one after the other from top to bottom).

Overall, I would give this infographic a B-. Even though only some of the data is visualized properly and could use some reorganizing, I really love the design – it is very unique and engaging, and covers an unusual topic quite well.

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