Infographic: Build a Deck to Expand Your Outdoor Living Space


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This infographic was submitted to us by Rick’s Custom Fencing & Decking.

This is a nice guide for someone looking to make home improvements, but who might not be sure what they want to add on. It also gives a good overview of decking materials and the advantages of each.

While I like the information that the first section offers, the title of the infographic doesn’t lead me to expect a section like this. The title gives the impression that the infographic will be about decks only, but the first section also talks about fences, patio covers, landscape lighting, and outdoor kitchens. It’s helpful information to have, but perhaps doesn’t belong on this particular infographic — it could be the start of another infographic, “Which Home Improvement is Right for You?”

It would be nice to see some icons introduced under “Popular Decking Materials”, since aside from the photos of the materials themselves, the section is just text.

In all I’d give this an A- as a guide to decks (since the first section is a bit disorienting), but it’s not as much of an infographic since it lacks data and visuals telling the story — the viewer still needs to read for all of the information. Greater use of icons could help reduce the reliance on text.

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