Infographic: Broadband Data Index

UK Broadband Statistics 2012

This data was collated by Misco, a trading name of Misco UK Ltd. Misco/Epiphany Solutions accept no liability for any inaccuracies or incompleteness of any information contained on this page.

This infographic was submitted to us by Misco.

The design here is extraordinarily simple, and the subheadings are clear, which makes it easy for the eye to drift to whatever category it’s most interested in. Since the colors and typography remain consistent, there is nothing particularly distracting here–although a black background can be considered a little extreme in the infographics world.

In the version on Misco’s website, you can click on each visualization to see a thumbnail of the graph/chart individually along with more detail, which is helpful since some of the numbers aren’t legible in the full format. I appreciate the amount of data viz here: the design is quite minimal on text, which we encourage in effective IGs. The charts are quick and concise, taking what could be just a bland report or whitepaper and turning it into something that makes its conclusions abundantly clear. The “Average Download Speeds” section, however, looks pretty overwhelming–I think it would have been better to convert this section into a few charts as well, so it isn’t just a big list of numbers.

In all I’d give this infographic a B+. The black background/white text plus bright colors is a little rough for me, but I like the innovation in fitting in a lot of information by providing individualized zooms.

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