Infographic: BLDC Motors vs. Brush DC Motors: Understanding the Differences


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The folks at Sinotech submitted this infographic to us!

I love the labeled diagrams of brush vs. brushless motors; it really allows the viewer to clearly spot the differences. The “Key Differences” section is also helpful in a similar way, and I like the use of icons in that section to help illustrate each of the characteristics.

Although the infographic starts with a good introduction, it ends abruptly without a conclusion. Adding a quick sentence at the end to summarize what’s been said or tout the benefits of brushless DC motors would help bring a feeling of completion to the infographic.

I like the bright color palette, which helps create an engaging aesthetic that guides the eye with pops of color.

I’d like to see the text a bit more balanced throughout. Having consistent line breaks in the middle of the names of the topics (Brushless DC Motors and Brush DC Motors) is a little visually jarring; maybe playing with font size could remedy that issue.

In all, I’d give this infographic a B. It’s concise, relies mainly on visuals where possible, and tells its intended story.

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